Fitfam exercise games

Fitfam Exercise Games

Fit fun for everyone!

Fitfam cards
Fitfam Exercise games cards™
What are they?
A pack of 30 cards with exercises on them.
These exercises are made up of easy to understand activities.
They cards are divided into 3 categories: A, B and C in order of perceived difficulty level.
Categories A and B contain activities that can be done by every age, even Seniors (60 and up) can enjoy better mobility and flexibility using them.
Category C is for children and fit and heart healthy adults as most of the exercises in this category involve jumping .
Also included in the pack is an instruction leaflet which also contains games ideas that the cards can be used for.
Fitfam cards

Benefits of the Fitfam Exercise games cards.

1. Convenience: However busy you are, you can fit at least 3 cards into your day. It’ll take 5 minutes or less to do one round of 3.
 Also, the activities are not so difficult as to discourage people from exercising. 
2. Portability: The pack of 30 cards fits into a jeans pocket. They can be taken and used anywhere.
3. Interesting: These cards can be used as game props in parties for children and adults, team building activities for Corporate and Social organisations.
4. Better health: The most important benefit for us is the fact that as you use the Fitfam Exercise games cards™ consistently (even if for as little as 5 minutes daily), you become relativity healthier, stronger and fitter!



Are you a busy parent who loves his or her children? 

Make the time you spend with them count by planning different fun activities using the Fitfam exercise games cards.



Exercise can be fun

Are you too busy to hit the gym every day? We have you covered. With as little as 5-10 minutes using the Fitfam exercise games cards, you can maintain and improve your fitness level daily anytime, anywhere.


kids party ideas

Do you run a preschool, elementary school or a junior high? Are you organising a summer camp  for children?

 Engage your pupils in a time of fun, fit learning using Fitfam exercise games cards.



corporate wellness in nigeria

Churches social and corporate organisations are not left out in the fun. Are you hosting a team bonding event or retreat soon? Then consider adding some fit fun with our cards.


Are you having a picnic, party, retreat, special school event and want to infuse a different kind of fun activity? Try our Fitfam exercise games parties and workshops led by well trained male and female instructors.

Using our exercise games cards, and activities such as hopscotch, darts, dancing chairs and so much more, both the young and old are guaranteed a great time filled with fitness and fun.

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Download the printable version of Fitfam exercise games cards and games boards online!